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Biotechnology Innovation


@Orchard was introduced by The Adler Group to a biotechnology and pharmaceutical firm with a unique focus in developing innovative drugs for critical care. The Adler Group had just completed training hiring managers on their interview strategies, and they recognized @Orchard as a firm whose structured approach to talent acquisition aligned perfectly with biotechnology and pharmaceutical firm’s requirements. The initial assignment in 2014 was to identify, recruit, and hire nationally for a director-level role that did not currently exist in the market at other pharma or biotech firms. The unique aspects of the role were for strength in science (with an emphasis on pharmacology), experience within hospitals, and the ability to act as a trusted advisor to senior critical care professionals, including senior executives at hospitals and ER doctors.

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@Orchard began by working closely with the hiring team, understanding the work to be done and the profile desired. Recognizing the inability to recruit the skill set from traditional competitors, our team worked with the client to assess where such a profile may exist. Once the profile was created, we initiated a national search for home-based professionals who would own a territory and travel within the territory to various clinical locations. Owing to the success of our initial assignment, the company turned over all their scientific and management recruiting to @Orchard in 2015, and it continues to this day. @Orchard has executed many different searches in areas of supply chain, manufacturing, R&D, compliance, quality, medical affairs, clinical operations, and project management. We are responsible for supporting the hiring of three vice presidents, more than 20 directors, and several managers and strategic staff-level positions.

In response to some corporate restructuring in 2016, several full-time roles were replaced by contract positions. The biotechnology and pharmaceutical firm turned to @Orchard for an hourly contract staff, managed on our payroll, and deployed on-site. To date, we have hired 5 contractors, and this number is expected to grow in 2017. The firm has come to rely on @Orchard as a trusted partner and advisor. They asked us to present alongside senior HR leaders at an industry conference to highlight our partnership as a best practice in scalable and flexible talent acquisition solutions.

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Biotechnology Innovation

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