Case Studies Federal Key Personnel Identification

Federal Key Personnel Identification


Our client, a fast growth Federal IT consulting firm, was well-placed to win a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) with a Federal agency for work they had done previously. When the bid was released, it included a new contractual requirement that any responses to the RFP must include the names and bios of the resources the bidder expected to place in certain key leadership positions. There was an additional requirement to include a commitment to do everything possible to deliver on those resources if awarded the work. This was an unexpected request that put our client in a difficult situation because they had planned to win on capability and deliver staff after award.

To meet this objective our client needed to identify six very technical cybersecurity resources with Top Secret clearances, interview them, and get a commitment for them to be included in the bid. And they had just six weeks, which included the December holiday period.

The client turned to @Orchard for help.

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We leveraged our deep experience responding to fast turnaround Federal proposals and Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) task orders to cut to the critical path. We are highly networked within the Cleared community and understand the Cyber Security skill set, therefore our tiger team was able to spring into action immediately.

Following our structured approach, we held a detailed kick-off call with the client, where we learned everything we could about the project, the jobs, and the client, so we could build a compelling candidate narrative and value proposition. We learned which firms were hands-off, as they were part of the bid team, and which might be ideal targets for direct sourcing. We set expectations with the client for the responsiveness we would need, and armed with 150 hours of work time, we dug in.

In just one week, the @Orchard Team submitted 11 qualified candidates with the necessary Top Secret clearances who were willing to be named on the bid. Nine candidates were interviewed, with three offered positions on the project, and several others were hired for other projects. In fact, our response time was so fast that the first candidate was submitted within 24 hours of the project kickoff. As a direct result of our work, the client was able to submit a qualifying bid that included coverage for the key positions.

The quality and speed of response experienced in this initiative led to the client determining that @Orchard would be their go-to resource for all future time-sensitive or high volume recruiting activities through an On-Demand recruiting agreement.

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