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Mid-Market RPO


Our client, a leader in the outdoor lifestyle industry, recognized a unique competitive opportunity existed with a digital integration of their product set. To accomplish this, they needed to completely overhaul their sales and marketing departments and make strategic changes in areas of operations, finance, and supply chain. Implementation of these changes would require significant workforce transition, selective impact hiring, and changes to the way their business was run. @Orchard was selected to carry out an organizational assessment, design a new functional organization, and create and execute the talent acquisition strategy.

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@Orchard conducted a thorough assessment of the current state of the company to develop the “as-is” state and worked closely with leadership to define the desired state and create a gap analysis. From there, we worked collaboratively to define a new organization and design a functional hierarchy that aligned with its new, customer-centric, and digital-directed structure. We identified process improvements, technology enhancements, and holes within the human capital of the company, and we collaborated with the leadership team to develop a road map for an 18-month corporate transformation. Finally, we developed extremely detailed profiles for each critical-path hire. These included immediate and long-term objectives aligned with the corporate vision. We also developed a compelling employee value proposition, and went to market to find the talent needed.

The project promises to transform the company and distance itself from the competition. Working with @Orchard has given our client the type of end-to-end workforce transformation experience typically reserved for large companies able to afford big human capital consulting practices, Big Four, or other global human capital management (HCM) firms. Our deep knowledge, coupled with our flexible pricing and client-centric approach, will position our client for exponential growth and market dominance.

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