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As a DSP Communications Engineer, you will be expected to;
Actively contribute to the solving of complex problems with the intent to make the connected world both more safe and secure. You will work within a well-funded start-up founded on innovation and an exceptional team-based culture tasked with commercializing solution development that has been proven and patented.

Your responsibilities include: 

  • Analyze systems and communication channels and then choose modulation and coding (including code design, rates, puncturing schemes, etc.) that are the most appropriate to maximize performance.
  • Contribute to algorithm design, analysis, and architecture specification for DSP blocks of a digital front-end various radio architectures.
  • Derive requirements, conceptualize, define, and design/prototype systems engineering solutions.
  • Understand and interpret system-level requirements and work within a team to ensure design and implementation work remains aligned to expectations.
  • Be responsible for the documentation of designs, interfaces, etc., and for the distribution of the documentation across teams, including conducting reviews and other discussions.
  • Be able to break down system-level components while not losing sight of the overarching objective and ensuring dependencies and risks are captured with every adaptation.
  • Partner with Systems Architects and Hardware Engineers to develop, implement and test robust radio signal processing algorithms.
  • Conduct testing and verification of field systems.

Your background will include: 

  • Demonstrated familiarity with standard classes of codes such as BCH, Reed-Solomon, Reed-Muller, Golay codes, Convolutional codes, LDPCc, and Polar codes.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the areas of modulation, demodulation, forward error correction, randomization, and packet analysis.
  • Demonstrated experience in the design, optimization, and testing of communication signal processing algorithms.
  • Experience writing Matlab and C/C++ to emulate system test conditions.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of commercial standards such as 802.11, and 4G/5G.
  • Capabilities with Matlab, Mathematica, Python, or other scripting language and simulation tools.
  • Proficiency in creating engineering documents.
  • Ability to predict challenges and seek to proactively head off obstacles

Additional preferred skills and experience:  

  • Bachelor’s degree within a relevant field (Master’s or greater preferred).
  • Familiarity with FPGA and RTL design including hardware description languages (Verilog, System Verilog, VHDL).
  • Understanding of broad wireless communications principles including RF, DSP, and FPGA.
  • Experience designing RF front-end architectures

If you have the skills and experience desired coupled with the desire and motivation essential for the role, and you want to be part of something special, we need to hear from you. Please click to apply.