The Opportunity — Assumptions:

  • in a period of significant growth within increasingly dynamic and challenging Federal market.
  • reactive in its recruiting today, risking lost revenue and missing opportunities to get ahead of the business curve through strategic talent pool development.
  • operates in an extremely regulated world, including OFCCP rules. The risk of regulatory problems caused by lack of understanding of the regulations or lax enforcement of procedure is both real and a core risk to the future of the company.
  • can gain competitive advantage by the engagement of a sophisticated recruiting model powered by the latest technology, utilizing a structured and tested methodology. In particular when the solution has the flexibility to scale to meet demand without incurring the excessive fixed costs associated with building such a function internally.

The Solution:

Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) with @Orchard?

  • For many companies facing the challenges, the best approach is to engage a RPO partner to build and manage an expert recruiting function.
  • A @Orchard RPO solution would enable your team to have flexibility to scale support up and down to meet variable demand cycles.
  • A structured RPO will enforce standardization of the hiring and selection process across the company leading to better quality of hire and the building of company culture.
  • An RPO solution for organization developed by Orchard will include an approach that improves the company’s compliance footprint with particular focus given to OFCCP compliance.
  • The RPO solution will provide a technology platform including database, search tools and screening methods that would require significant financial and manpower investment for organization to build from scratch, for a fraction of the cost.
  • The Orchard RPO solution can be integrated with existing resources that may support hiring activities or can free those resources up entirely to focus on other HR matters such as talent development and resource management.

@Orchard is your trusted partner operating with integrity and total transparency to deliver optimal RPO staffing solutions.

  • We will build an outsourced recruiting platform to support recruiting activity, in addition to building talent pools to accelerate expansion.
  • We will utilize a specific methodology designed to illicit detailed job information and to ensure candidates are screened for their ability to do the work, motivation to work hard and ability to grow with the firm. This is not a simple “check the boxes” recruiting method.
  • @Orchard already operates a very sophisticated recruiting operation in order to support our growing client base. In effect our function operates in a very similar fashion to a large corporate recruiting operation.
  • Your organization gains the benefit of our very experienced team, structured methodology and state of the art recruiting tools for a fraction of what it would cost them to build the solution in-house as these are shared services. At the same time all your firm data is secure and distinct and all transactions are unique to the company and track-able as such.
  • We will provide your team with a Point of Contact for each Business Unit HRBP and will operate a robust virtual recruiting support center behind the scenes to deliver candidates within the construct of a service level agreement (SLA).
  • We will provide all stakeholders with detailed, actionable reporting each week to ensure total transparency in all activities.
  • We will host your team recruiting activities within our system in a secure fashion where the captured data will be fully OFCCP compliant and can be shared with the client as necessary.
  • We will build and maintain a unique database of all candidates sourced for the requirements and talent pools matched to appropriate positions and tracked throughout the lifecycle for compliance purposes. This database will be available for your firm in the future if they decide to transition the data to an in-house applicant tracking system.

Developing the solution:

  • One of @Orchard’s owners will partner with leadership to design an optimal solution and stay engaged to monitor performance throughout the engagement.
  • We will create a clear set of performance objectives defined as a SLA. Metrics to include;
    • # of active requirements and talent pools to be supported under the agreement
    • Target time to submit qualified candidates
    • Target time to hire
    • Target cost per hire
    • Target quality of hire metrics
  • We will assign a Point of Contact so that all hiring managers and stakeholders within the company deal with one resource. The POC will own requisition gathering, profile development, candidate submittal, recruiting process management, reporting and issue resolution.
  • Our virtual recruiting support center of experienced recruiters will use @Orchard search tools, databases and networks to source candidates at no additional cost.
  • If preferred @Orchard can build and manage employee referral program to maximize candidate flow from this trusted source.
  • Every candidate submitted will include a full written summary of their strengths, areas for development, expectations and useful closing information.
  • The Orchard team will manage the candidate throughout the process and assist in facilitating the hiring process.
  • The Orchard POC will provide weekly activity reports for all positions including a detailed pipeline report showing all candidate associated activity.
  • The POC will be available for discussions and issue resolution as needed and will also participate in all requisition qualification intake calls with hiring managers.

Performance targets:

  • Time to submit; Orchard will provide screened, qualified and motivated candidates for new requisitions within an average timeframe of 10 business days from requisition approval.
  • Time to hire; based upon an analysis of the type of positions to be supported however Orchard will endeavor to beat industry standard which is typically 45 days.
  • Cost per hire; cost is always an important factor when developing a strategy for RPO however quality of hire is more critical with time to hire not far behind when revenue is on the table. That said Orchard will be aggressive in our recruiting approach and manage expenses to keep the cost very competitive.
  • Quality of hire; Hire quality is an important although subjective factor based on corporate priorities and is best measured over time. Orchard will work with management to define a measurable quality of hire metric and seek to achieve or beat established targets for candidate quality


  • @Orchard will provide the following as part of the RPO solution:
    • A dedicated POC
    • Appropriate support from our virtual recruiting center to meet the SLA
    • Our Performance based Hiring methodology
    • Sourcing technology/tools
    • Weekly reporting
    • OFCCP compliance support
    • A database of all candidates and activities that can be transferred to a compatible in-house ATS solution is the future if you wishes to transition at a later date.
    • Process improvement and guidance to speed up the recruiting process and enhance hire quality.
  • Project based pricing can only be determined once some clarity has been provided with respect to hiring goals for growth and to manage attrition. It is useful to look back a previous year’s activity for both elements as well as considering the corporate strategic goals and the health of the sales pipeline plus any factors that may cause a spike in attrition. Project scope can be revisited at any time.
  • RPO support is managed via an annual contract with quarterly upfront invoicing. Payment terms at net 15 days from date an invoice receipt.
  • In the interests of urgency @Orchard can engage with on a time and materials basis while the RPO structure is determined.


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