As the Senior Administrative Professional your work will include;

  • The responsibility to plan, direct, perform and coordinate the administrative functions of the 56 advisory committees to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
  • Provide Advisory Committee support and execute administrative requirements to comply with agency policies and federal regulations in regard to the appointment of advisory committee members.
    • Examples of such duties include:
      • Maintain Appointment spreadsheets, facilitate coordination of appointment outreach progress on project management software system, conduct outreach to returning members and collect applications as needed, analyze balance status of committees, and conduct targeted outreach to new members.
    • Other responsibilities will include;
      • Assemble final appointment packages, prepare drafts of public notices announcing appointments, facilitate communications between the Committee Management Officer and Designated Federal Officers throughout the appointment process, including analyzing and providing recommendations on the process.
      • Schedule video conference meetings for Committees and provide technical support to users.
      • Manage and arrange in-person locations, logistics, and committee member travel for an in-person meeting, including procurement requests for space and court reporters as well as travel authorizations.
      • Draft federal register notices to comply with FACA.
      • Upload agendas and any documents to be discussed in meetings to the FACA database.
      • Ensure advisory committee members’ ethics requirements are current.
      • Produce notices for advisory committee members about meeting dates, times, and topics.
      • Send email notification or utilize other communications software to inform public contacts who have expressed interest in the work of the Committee, and any other pre-meeting tasks as determined by the Committee Management Officer.
      • Draft meeting minutes in a timely fashion for review by DFO and Committee Chair.
      • Maintain Committee attendance sheets.
      • Update Regional Monthly report spreadsheet or project management software systems to indicate meeting and future meetings.
      • Send a notice to all members of the public who attended the meeting with minutes and other documents discussed attached.
      • Add names to the unit’s contact database and maintain that database as needed.
      • Ensure the prompt payment of vendors, and any other meeting and post-meeting duties as determined by the Committee Management Officer.

The Senior Administrative Professional will need to have the following skills and experience; 

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Demonstrated experience working with a variety of stakeholders and locations to deliver results under tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrated experience in operating and managing web meetings on various platforms including Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams.
  • Demonstrated experience with online project management platforms such as or Asana.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • The ability to produce written information for audiences with different levels of understanding and to produce written material aimed at achieving understanding among audiences with varying comprehension levels or indifference to the material presented.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others representing opposing points of view or conflicting interests.
  • Ability to interpret data to arrive at valid conclusions, including gathering, evaluating, and interpreting complex data-sets and drawing appropriate conclusions from varied and complex data including identifying sources of information.