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Enhance your talent acquisition and teaming capabilities

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Whether they are a full-time employee or temporary staff, your ability to meet your goals is directly impacted by the quality of the talent you have. Delivering the right talent at the right time in a cost-effective manner is essential to success.

Talent is required to compete to win in every business. Gain a competitive edge in sourcing and securing top talent using our Fully Integrated Talent Solutions (FITS), using only what you need.

Our modular solutions, based on our broad, multi-industry experience, are tailored to specific client requirements. Enhance your talent strategy with our 30 years of experience in building talent acquisition and resource management teams, creating diversity programs including a Veteran initiative, and designing change management and workforce transformation projects.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Building and maintaining a talent acquisition department is an expensive, complex proposition. Our expertise and innovative, flexible solutions eliminate the headaches and budget stresses of growing your team by:

  • Outsourcing the entire function to experts who can deliver successful recruiters and the necessary tools
  • Embedding a flexible talent acquisition component to your team to scale up and down with surge requirements

Meet your evolving requirements with our tailored Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution.

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Strategic Sourcing


Whether you are a firm responding to a request for proposal requiring key personnel, a company ramping up for a recent award, or a business seeking talent to enter a new market where you have no prior capability; our team will build a talent pool of fully screened and qualified candidates, ready for your internal recruiting, HR, or business leaders to engage.

Contract & Temp Staff

We provide solutions to clients that go beyond staffing. We invest in understanding our clients’ culture, needs, and goals to integrate that talent into their organization.

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Executive & Strategic Search


Whether it is finding talent for the C-suite; key executives in areas such as business development, marketing, finance or human resources; or identifying the right strategic role, such as a research scientist, supply chain expert, or an enterprise architect – @Orchard has done it all.

@Orchard develops a cost effective, “shared risk” executive and strategic search model that focuses on a traditional retained search for less investment risk.

Veteran & Military Family Program


As one of a few hundred firms proudly vetted and approved by the Department of Defense as a member of the Military Spouse Employment Program (MSEP), we retain deep networks into Veteran communities. We can advise you on the best way to build a Wounded Warrior hiring program that will positively impact your Veteran and Disability hiring objectives.

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