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@Orchard LLC has been retained by one of the most important technology companies you’ve ever heard of. They are responsible for the underlying networks supporting many of the innovations that wow us (driverless cars), and those we now take for granted (the ability to mobile-stream your favorite show), as well as critical infrastructure that keeps us safe and serves critical missions. For more than 25 years, our client has been the global leader in networking strategy, and their technology has been part of the critical infrastructure running within the most advanced companies and government institutions in the world.

Our client is building an Analytics Solutions Consulting Team (ASC), on a global level with opportunities in North America and Europe for highly motivated and talented professionals, working within the Telecommunications Sector. It is the objective of the ASC to provide world-class consulting, data analytics, and analytical solutions that empower clients to transform their business, realize their strategic vision, reach their operational goals, and achieve their timetable of needs. The ASC team applies deep communications industry experience and unrivaled analytical skills to provide our clients with the benefits of:

  • Making sound data-backed decisions through our insightful strategic consultancy.
  • Analyzing and re-engineering operations and technology through unrivaled project consultancy.
  • Maximizing business efficiency by supplying them with innovative custom analytical solutions.

About the job

A Solutions Analyst has demonstrable deep analytical thinking and experience of cleansing, normalizing, transforming, integrating, and analyzing all types of structured and semi-structured data, whether network (essential), market, process, financial or business data. He/She will create novel statistical and mathematical analyses, heuristics, and algorithms, and is adept at customizing outputs and deliverables according to the consulting modality and client needs.

As a Solutions Analyst you will;

  • Leverage your advanced data processing and analysis, experience, and knowledge to deliver reports, outputs, and innovative solutions for strategic and project consulting and custom analytical solutions
  • Analyze business, financial, market, process, temporal, spatial, and network infrastructure data as a means to assist consulting engagements and enhance the end client’s recognition and understanding of dominant issues.
  • Work closely with Solutions Consultants and contribute to client consulting engagements, in areas such as; determination of timescales, scoping, and resolution of any technical and data analytical issues.
  • Work closely with Solutions and Systems Architects to ensure solutions’ feasibility, timescales, and meet the use-cases and general requirements as efficaciously and efficiently a possible.
  • Define and build customer solutions in a rapid development environment
  • Contribute to solution architecture, design, research, innovation, implementation, and delivery.
  • Develop and maintain a demonstration environment to showcase all consulting solutions
  • Stay up to date on innovations, technical trends.
  • Maintain knowledge of available solutions and best practice for consulting processes

Your background will include;

  • 2+ years’ demonstrable application of a wide range of analytical skills such as;
    • Statistics, probability, mathematics, optimization, correlation, convolution, prediction, confidence bound determination, residuals analysis, clustering, path computation, graph theory, and graph traversal, group theory
    • Mathematical transformation and computational analyses, eigenvector, and matrices
    • Network domain knowledge (as many as possible of L0 – L3, TDM, DWDM, OTN, SDH, Ethernet, MPLS, IP) and analysis of topology, inventory, performance, quality, availability, root-cause, etc.
    • Financial analysis, commercial, and business modeling.
    • Geo-spatial analyses and market data.
  • Specific demonstrated knowledge and experience with Level 2 & 3 network domains including Ethernet, MPLS, IP Routing protocols, MEF, IETF, VPN, IPVN, L3VPN, and Carrier Ethernet. Plus knowledge of standard routing products from firms such as Cisco and Juniper
  • Demonstrated data manipulation skills such as formatting, cleansing, normalization, integration, transformation, schema creation.
  • Deep knowledge of Service Provider
    • Network topology, inventory, performance, assurance, root cause analysis
    • OSS (TIRKS, MetaSolv, Cramer, etc.), BSS, IMS, NMS, or DCN data acquisition and semantics
  • Demonstrable understanding and expertise using state-of-the-art data analysis tools in a rapid development environment. For example;
    • Graphic ETL skills (Alteryx, Lavastorm, Tableau Prep, etc.)
    • Data visualization (Tableau, Qlik, or similar)
    • Analytical scripting development skills (e.g. Python, R, MatLab, etc.)
    • Graph database and querying languages (Cypher, GraphQL, Gremlin), graph function libraries, spatial data type processing
    • SQL databases, foreign data wrappers, function libraries, spatial data types processing
  • Demonstrable ability to use data and analysis to develop practical, innovative, and complex solutions
    • Reports, data repositories, interactive visualizations
    • Desirable to be highly skilled at UI design and rapid implementation using proven BI frameworks

If you are excited by this opportunity and believe you have the experience and talent to be a success in the role, we need to hear from you!