• Prepares vehicles to be painted up to and including pressure washing, sanding, masking.
  • Coats surface of parts, assemblies, and finished products with protective or decorative materials such as paint, varnish, enamel, lacquer, dope, or stain using a spray gun.
  • Selects and mixes coating material: coats areas inaccessible to hand sprayer using brush or roller.
  • May monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures.
  • Conducts post paint operations up to and including stenciling, taping, applying decals, and applying protective materials.

Skills and Experience Required:

  • High School Diploma/GED with Prior exposure to paint operations (Preferred)
  • Motion – Periodic stationary positioning, with potential periods of movement that may involve working on or with materials/objects that may be in various vertical or horizontal positions; capability to move or transition to other settings and/or physical areas, some of which may be outdoors, with the potential need to access and work inside small or narrow spaces, or that may be overhead or at ground level.
  • Strength – Ability to move and position moderate to potentially heavy objects, with a need to move items vertically from a lower to a higher position, or move objects horizontally from one position to another.
  • Speaking & Hearing – Ability to communicate and exchange information clearly in varied settings; interact with others; express or exchange ideas, and communicate interpersonally and in group settings. Ability to detect sounds in varied settings with moderate to high degrees of background noise. Ability to distinguish and detect specific noises and/or vibrations associated with operating equipment and/or equipment in use.
  • Vision – Close vision; visual acuity to safely operate machinery and/or other mechanical, industrial, or electronic equipment, read and assess instructions or other written or visual communications.