The experience I had with @Orchard was an extraordinary experience. I enjoyed working with my recruiter because of her attention to detail, her trustworthiness instilled toward me and her client, her promptness during the whole interview process, and her ability to support her clients. She also tailored and conducted the interview process in a way where I felt very comfortable. Lastly, she has an innate ability to find top talent and place them in a great role and genuinely cares for the success of the person she is working with.

Philip Lu


I had the opportunity to recently work with @Orchard. @Orchard worked with me to land in my current role. My recruiter was absolutely instrumental in bringing this together. Her responsiveness in all communications was exceptional. Above all else, however, she was a committed advocate in all my negotiations with my prospective employer. Through her efforts, I was able to come to a mutually beneficial and satisfying agreement. Any employer looking to outsource recruiting would be well served to have @Orchard leading those efforts. Any employee who has the good fortune to be contacted by Talent Orchard can rest assured that they are in the hands of someone who will genuinely look out for their best interests.

Charles Kapur


I had the pleasure of working with @Orchard. At the time, I was not actively searching for a new role, but my recruiter reminded me that making a change may have a positive effect on my career and it definitely has. I enjoyed @Orchard’s exploratory approach at the beginning of the recruiting process and I appreciated how they helped me prepare in later stages of the interview process. For these reasons, I recommend @Orchard and would welcome working with them again.

Patrice Payne


The @Orchard team provided me with a seamless career transition. From the interview stage to the employer onboarding process, I worked with a team of recruiters who demonstrated a high level of proficiency and an unparalleled attention to every detail. They truly understood my background and aligned me with an opportunity that would round out my career path.”

Jenny Guo


I appreciate that the entire @Orchard team worked seamlessly together and professionally throughout the process, especially the willingness to even work late to accommodate my interview. I wish the @Orchard team great success and am so grateful for their efforts on my behalf.

Samuel Kigo


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