Work from Home

East Coast of the USA or Canada

@Orchard LLC has been retained by one of the most important technology companies you’ve ever heard of. They are responsible for the underlying networks supporting many of the innovations that wow us (driverless cars), and those we now take for granted (the ability to mobile-stream your favorite show), as well as critical infrastructure that keeps us safe and serves critical missions. For more than 25 years, our client has been the global leader in networking strategy, and their technology has been part of the critical infrastructure running within the most advanced companies and government institutions in the world.

Our client is building an Analytics Solutions Consulting Team (ASC), on a global level with opportunities in North America and Europe for highly motivated and talented professionals, working within the Telecommunications Sector. It is the objective of the ASC to provide world-class consulting, data analytics, and analytical solutions that empower clients to transform their business, realize their strategic vision, reach their operational goals, and achieve their timetable of needs. The ASC team applies deep communications industry experience and unrivaled analytical skills to provide our clients with the benefits of:

  • Making sound data-backed decisions through our insightful strategic consultancy.
  • Analyzing and re-engineering operations and technology through unrivaled project consultancy.
  • Maximizing business efficiency by supplying them with innovative custom analytical solutions.

About the role of a Visualization Solutions Analyst;

  • The Visualization Solutions Analyst is essentially a storyteller through visual interpretation of data. It is the objective of this role to distill data sets related to a customer challenge or objective into a visual form that helps the customer and our client come to an understanding of what needs to be done.
  • Utilize Business Intelligence Visualization tools (Tableau, extensions API, JavaScript API) to create succinct guided analytical dashboards, and design advanced custom analytical solutions with complex datasets
    • Create new portals for the display of data and information to be used to enhance the analytical solutions portfolio (field engineers, client planning, engineering and operations, workflow users, etc.), improving interaction, and transactional database exchange
    • Compresses information into succinct multi-purpose graphical elements
    • Fully utilize screen real-estate to design creative, compelling, and informative visual communication
    • Creates novel graphical elements that maximize communication of analyses
  • Performs advanced data processing and analysis, for all consulting engagements including areas such as financial, market, process, temporal, spatial, and network infrastructure data.
  • Works closely with Solutions Consultants and contributes to client consulting engagements, with a particular input around the determination of timescales, scoping, and resolution of any technical and data analytical issues
  • Works closely with Solutions and Systems Architects to ensure the proposed solutions’ meet timescales, the use-cases, and general requirements as efficiently a possible
  • Defines and builds customer solutions in a rapid development environment
  • Contributes to the solution architecture, design, research, innovation, implementation, and delivery
  • Develops and maintains a demonstration environment to showcase all consulting solutions
  • Stays up to date on innovations, technical trends and applies this to direct future development
  • Maintains knowledge of available solutions and best practices for consulting processes. ​

Experience and personal skills required for the role

  • 2+ years’ demonstrable application of:
    • Advanced level UI design and development using BI visualization tools (Tableau, its extensions API, and JavaScript API)
    • Demonstrated data manipulation skills to create a compelling data-driven narrative, including – formatting, cleansing, normalization, integration, transformation, schema creation
    • Familiar with the use of financial, commercial, business, geo-spatial, and market data to create visual communications.
    • Relational database and query language experience (MySQL, PostgreSQL) – SQL and other query languages, foreign data wrappers, triggers, function libraries, spatial data types processing
    • Graph database and querying languages (Cypher, GraphQL, Gremlin), graph function libraries, triggers, spatial data type processing
    • NoSQL databases (wide column, document, key-value)
    • Other IT skills that would be of benefit:
      • Scripting and programming skills (e.g. Python, R, C/C++, Java/Groovy etc.)
      • Web development skills (e.g. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, frameworks etc.)
  • Demonstrable understanding and ideally expertise (2+ years) in using state-of-the-art data analysis tools in a rapid development environment
    • Graphic ETL skills (Alteryx, Lavastorm, Tableau Prep, etc.)
    • Analytical scripting development skills (e.g. Python, R, MatLab, etc.)
    • Graph database and querying languages (Cypher, GraphQL, Gremlin), graph function libraries, spatial data type processing
    • SQL databases, foreign data wrappers, function libraries, spatial data types processing.
  • Our client is looking for great creativity in the use of the graphical elements of advanced data-analysis tools and will expect samples of great imagery. This is your opportunity to let your creativity take flight!