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Workforce Solutions 

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Discover a world of career opportunities 

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    Why @Orchard? From start to finish, each project is executed with a high level of communication and transparency. Our proprietary project methodology provides teams with effective placements and project success.

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    @Orchard does not follow the traditional recruiting model. Our collaborative, cross-functional team and platform incorporate innovative technology to attract passive candidates through strategic and impactful marketing of each job, project, and client.

    Our performance metrics are based on speed, cost, quality, and candidate and client retention and referral. Key performance indices include:


    • Open requisition to client submittal
    • Requisition submittal to client interview
    • Turnaround time to client requirement changes
    • Candidate interview to client hire


    • Cost per hire


    • Employee retention
    • Client retention
    • Candidate referral
    • Client referral

    Research & Gather Requirements

    We will learn about your culture, your projects, and how your assignment fits within the big picture to build a recruiting narrative for the best passive talent to join your team. We will gather information from you to know everything we need to get great talent, including which companies you want us to target – or avoid!

    A group of business colleagues standing out of an office building. One woman is in a wheelchair.
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    Architect & Plan

    For each position, we develop a go-to-market strategy. We review market research to identify target companies or individuals with similar experience leveraging internal networks for referrals; devising an outreach plan to include the sourcing of comparable talent, social media, and marketing; and using traditional position posting.

    Deploy, Measure, & Refine

    Our blueprint to deliver excellent results is our trademark. Typically, search agencies, contractors, and RPO firms assign requirements to a single recruiter for the duration of the search; we see this approach as a needless risk. At @Orchard, every requirement is sourced by more than one recruiter, allowing different perspectives and networks to impact the search. We team with you to get you the best results in the shortest time. Leveraging the recruiting plan, our recruiters will source, screen, and pre-qualify talent. The candidates we present will showcase what true quality recruiting support should be. Finally, we will work with you to manage the hiring process, as much or as little as you prefer. We can focus on the front-end heavy lifting and deliver great talent into your system, or we can assist you through the process with logistical support and even interviewer training from our certified experts.

    A group of business colleagues standing out of an office building. One woman is in a wheelchair.
    A group of business colleagues standing out of an office building. One woman is in a wheelchair.

    Collect & Share Market Intelligence

    As a consultative partner, we collect market intelligence that comes our way as we source. With the feedback we receive from candidates, we can inform you about your company, your competition, and the nature of the work and its perceived value in the market. Over time, this feedback becomes a valuable asset to assist you in shaping your broader talent acquisition strategy. As we continue to learn more from our conversations with job candidates, we report key learnings to our clients to support business and strategy development.

    So Much Opportunity

    We focus on getting to know you, and only then do we identify the best career moves for you.

    We have opportunities nationally and globally within @Orchard and with our partners. Find a productive balance between your skills, interests, career goals, and desired work culture with those of our clients. This enables us to build teams and relationships that last.

    Looking for a new challenge? You will find:

    • Opportunities directly within our company or as a consultant
    • Contracting for our clients on engagements
    • Full-time opportunities with some of the best places to work
      in the U.S.
    A group of business colleagues standing out of an office building. One woman is in a wheelchair.

    Ready to get started?

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    Case Studies

    We partner with you to help make the best workforce solutions decisions for your mission. Here are just a few case studies that demonstrate the benefits of partnering with @Orchard.

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